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In 2011, driven by an urgent, midlife restlessness, Laurie rents out her house in Rochester, New York, packs her belongings into two suitcases, and relocates to Seoul, South Korea. What begins as an opportunity to teach college English overseas, evolves into a personal and spiritual quest. She spoon-feeds orphans in Ethiopia, performs 108 bows in a Buddhist mountain temple, walks shelter dogs in Peru, milks 350 goats in Fuerteventura, and gets lost in Mexico.

After four years of traveling the globe, returning “home” to the U.S. becomes an unexpected adventure of its own when she ends up in Arkansas and meets Bruce, a bird-loving, bearded Quaker. Falling in love after years of living a life of fierce independence sends her struggling to reconcile her need for freedom and autonomy with her longing to feel settled and loved.

UNSETTLED is for anyone who has ever felt something missing in their life and sought to find it. It’s a story about yearning and seeking, backbone and adventure, stillness and discovery.